Maximize operational efficiency &
increase IT and Business ability.
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Simplify and Automate your Virtualization and Cloud Management

Designed specifically for dynamic virtualized and cloud environments, VMware's virtualization and cloud management solutions servicesimplify management, maximize operational efficiency and increase IT and business agility. Our open standards-based approach gives you management interoperability across cloud service providers and VMware partners.

Take Advantage of Embedded and Tightly Integrated Management Solutions

VMware augments the embedded management capabilities of vSphere to give you a proactive infrastructure that can alert you of impending performance degradation before users are impacted. Combined with built-in policy automation, you can change your management approach from "alert and respond" to "respond and alert."

Integrate Performance, Capacity, Configuration and Application Management

VMware's converged management solutions allow your teams to more easily collaborate, sharing data and processes. The end-to-end application management approach converges application provisioning, deployment, release and monitoring while operations teams gain an integrated approach to performance, capacity and configuration management.

Run IT Like a Business and Optimize the Value of your IT Investments

With true visibility into costs, you can optimize the business value of your investments and make informed sourcing decisions based on cost, risk, performance and compliance. Leverage private and public cloud services depending on your needs and base your sourcing decisions on cost, risk, performance and compliance.